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Wed 12 Feb 14
Catch up with the latest news from MH regarding the situation in Kamwenge.
Mon 08 Jul 13

There is  a challenge that is affecting the work of Maranatha Health in Kamwenge.

Make sure you read the latest newsletter which has a lot of up-to-date information about this issue!

Mon 08 Jul 13
Time to stir those grey matter cells into action!

Maranatha Health

Maranatha Health is a not-for-profit organisation based in Australia and Uganda that aims to improve health outcomes, empower the poor, and make positive lasting change to village life in rural Uganda.

Maranatha Health has a project centre in Kamwenge district, western Uganda. We provide essential health care for mothers and children; strengthen and improve the effectiveness of the current health system; support community based development and deliver HIV/AIDs treatment and care.

Our aim is to empower locals so that they can participate in the development of their own communities.

Important February 2014 Update from Kamwenge

Maranatha Health has suspended its operations in Kamwenge due to the illegal construction of a factory adjacent to our facility. As the battle to have this issue resolved continues, we are using the time to re-imagine and expand the vision of Maranatha Health. To allow us to move forward wisely, we have decided to give ourselves 6 months to settle on a future plan.

We are exploring some very promising and exciting ideas and will develop and research these further before deciding on a course of action. Whatever we do will remain consistent with the original vision and intent of Maranatha Health. While we will not be collecting donations in the interim, we ask that you continue to pray for Maranatha Health and consider supporting a re-invigorated and re-imagined Maranatha Health later in the year.

We hope that this speed hump in the road will only lead to greater opportunities for Maranatha Health to fulfil its mission to love and serve those living in poverty.

Stay tuned!

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