Maranatha Health is an Australian & Ugandan not-for-profit organisation that is committed to raising health outcomes, empowering the poor, and making positive, lasting change in Uganda.

Maranatha Health is an international organisation, registerd as a charity and governed by a Board of Directors in Australia. It has two operational 'arms' - Maranatha Health Uganda (MHU) and Maranatha Health Australia (MHA). Maranatha Health Uganda is also overseen by a local Board of Directors, in accordance with Ugandan law.


  • Registered Trading Name of NGO: Maranatha Health
  • ATO approved ancillary fund name: Maranatha Hospitals Aid and Development Fund Australia
  • ABN: 34 290 264 644
  • Registered office address: 2A Bretwalder Ave, Leabrook, South Australia 5068
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0449 965 757
  • Website:

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Maranatha Health Australia

Maranatha Health is an Australian-based aid and development agency incorporated as an association in South Australia, overseen by our Board of Directors. Maranatha Health is a registered charitable organisation and has established an ATO approved tax-deductible ancillary fund named ‘Maranatha Hospitals Aid and Development Fund Australia’. Funds raised in Australia are transferred to Maranatha Health Uganda to resource the project, together with local income.

Our Directors are compassionate individuals committed to working towards a more just and equitable world. They bring a diverse and impressive range of knowledge, qualifications and experience to Maranatha Health Australia.

Our Australian Board members:

/assets/image-cache/BronwynHolliday.53c671e0.jpg BRONWYN HOLLIDAY (Chair)

Bronwyn is the deputy principal of a Lutheran primary school in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. She has a Masters of Education with the core of this study being in the area of leadership. Bronwyn has served on school and church boards, both from a management and governance perspective.

Early in her teaching career, Bronwyn spent 3 years working at Hermannsburg, an aboriginal settlement in central Australia. This gave her an understanding of the complexities of working in cross cultural settings and with marginalised people. Passionate about the needs of the world’s poor, particularly from an educational point of view, Bronwyn has supported Tear and Interserve for many years, partnering with Interserve to work in Kyrgyzstan for 4 months in 2007.

Bronwyn has supported Maranatha Health form the beginning, regularly running events to raise money for the cause and regularly praying for Maranatha Health.

/assets/image-cache/JulieFreund.53c671e0.jpg JULIE FREUND (Vice Chair)

Julie brings a range of skills in administration, marketing, and experience in governance. She currently works in a private secondary school in a community building, events and marketing role. She also assists with running an electrical engineering consulting business. Julie has a qualification in library and information management. 

While her family was young, she became involved in volunteering in supporting community groups as a way of connecting with others outside the home. These experiences led her to serve on the governing councils of playgroup, church committees, school and professional committees. As Secretary or Chair she has become actively involved in the strategic planning processes and responsibilities of governance. She enjoys meeting new people, learning about different organisations and working together to achieve a shared vision. 

Together with her husband, she has supported various mission and ministry opportunities in Africa, and particularly in Uganda. She has supported the Maranatha Health vision from its inception.

/assets/image-cache/Lidija_ed.b3562149.jpg LIDIJA RUCKERT (Treasurer)

Lidija has over 15 years' experience in the banking and finance sector across departments from Global Markets and Treasury, Institutional Banking, and Customer Operations. Over the past 7 years she has been responsible for leading large teams across the wealth management arm of the Westpac group. Her key responsibilities are to operationalise large projects and legislative change, manage strategic partnerships, and lead the national talent program. Academically Lidija has completed two undergraduate degrees and continued with post-graduate studies in Applied Finance. She is an accredited PROSCI change manager and is LEAN Silver Belt accredited. Lidija has studied in Beijing China and has experience with mentoring international students and refugees.

Lidija has travelled extensively and is passionate about utilising her technical skills and knowledge to support the work of Maranatha Health. Lidija is incredibly proud to be part of a team committed to lasting and sustainable change for the people of Uganda.

/assets/image-cache/JoshuaBoyce.b1c8caef.jpg JOSHUA BOYCE (Secretary)

Joshua has previously served as the Pastoral Leader of Knightsbridge Baptist Church and a member of the Board Executive of the Baptist Churches of SA. With a background in business leadership and having significant experience in strategic planning, corporate governance, financial management and policy development, Joshua is excited to be able to contribute to ensuring the work of Maranatha Health is sustainable into the future.

A seasoned traveller of both the first and developing worlds, Joshua realises that we are all part of a global family who have a responsibility to care for each other. With that in mind, Joshua is glad to devote his time, energy and skills to supporting the work of Maranatha Health as it works to bring the compassion of Jesus into the communities it supports.

/assets/image-cache/Susan%20Rampling.64a0f534.jpg SUSAN RAMPLING

Susan has over 10 years experience working as an Occupational Therapist throughout Australia, and has completed a Masters of International Public Health and an additional Masters of Health Management. She currently works for Flinders University within the post-graduate Clinical Rehabilitation program.

Susan has travelled extensively, and has completed some voluntary work overseas in the field of global health, including the World Health Organization course ‘Integrating the Management of Childhood Illnesses’ in Honduras, which involved setting up health clinics for children in under-resourced regional areas; and an internship with the World Health Organization in the Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen, within the HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Viral Hepatitis (HSV) programme.

Susan strongly supports the vision of Maranatha Health and considers it a privilege to be involved as a member of the Board.

/assets/image-cache/Deepa.3cf53eb3.jpg DEEPA JEYASEELAN

Deepa trained in Community and General Paediatrics in South Australia and Queensland. She has completed a Masters of Public Health and undertaken further studies in Forensic Medicine. She currently works with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Child Development Unit, the Flinders Medical Centre Child Protection Service and as a community paediatrician with the Child and Family Health Service. She supervises doctors undertaking community paediatrics training. Deepa is a member of several child health committees focussing on the health and well-being of vulnerable children and their families.

Deepa supports several organisations providing health care, educational and training opportunities to disadvantaged or under-resourced communities. She has been a supporter of the Maranatha Health mission and is excited and honoured to be able to serve Maranatha Health further as a board member.

/assets/image-cache/Tamsin_ed.fb897b2d.jpg TAMSIN GARROD

Tamsin has always had an interest in the improvement of healthcare and began her career in medical research. In 2013 she was awarded a PhD for her research into developing a stable, immunogenic vaccine that could be used to protect those at risk in rural areas. Tamsin then transitioned into healthcare management and now works in a not-for-profit, healthcare-related organisation. Tamsin has experience in marketing, sponsorship procurement, and evaluating scholarship programs. She recently completed a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Adelaide which has improved her business acumen. Tamsin has also conducted contracted work for the World Health Organisation; is a reviewer for an international healthcare journal; and has authored a number of medical research-related journal publications.

Tamsin is pleased to be given the opportunity to contribute her skills to Maranatha Health, and hopes to ensure that the great work in healthcare provision in Uganda continues to be supported.

/assets/image-cache/Joe%20sml.c507f426.jpg JOE INAUEN

Joe is a junior doctor working at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, with aspirations to undertake Physician Training, meanwhile maintaining engagement with organisations that have a positive impact in the developing world. He has a passion for public health and medicine in the third world, drawing him to seek the opportunity to work at Maranatha Health, Uganda, for a four-week period in 2016. Through personal connection with Christian mission organisations, involvement in student global health groups and visits to several grassroots health development projects in Africa, Joe has developed a desire to see the disparity bridged in access to health care in the developing world.

Joe shares in the vision of Maranatha Health and is honoured to serve the organisation as a member of the Board.

Maranatha Health Uganda

Maranatha Health Uganda is governed by a local Board of Directors and Articles of Association. The Ugandan Board ensures that Maranatha Health Uganda meets Ugandan NGO requirements, and is controlled and owned by representatives from Western Uganda.

Collectively the Board members have given time, resources, and their expertise to develop the mission of Maranatha Health Uganda. Most of them have extensive experience in either the health or development sectors. Many have degrees or postgraduate qualifications, and all have shown over time their integrity and commitment to social justice, driven by their faith.

Partnership with GDG

Maranatha Health (Maranatha Hospitals Aid and Development Fund) is proud to be a partner for 'J704N Maranatha Capacity Building, Uganda' with Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993), an Australian NGO approved by the Minister for Foreign Affairs (as administered by DFAT) to carry out quality humanitarian projects with approved partners and providing aid to relieve poverty and provide long-term solutions.

Global Development Group takes responsibility of the project according to DFAT rules, providing a governance role and assisting in the areas of planning, monitoring, evaluating and auditing to ensure the projects are carried out to DFAT requirements.

Global Development Group





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