Maranatha Health is an Australian & Ugandan not-for-profit organisation that is committed to raising health outcomes, empowering the poor, and making positive, lasting change in Uganda.

Maranatha Health is registered as a charity and governed by a Board of Directors in Australia. Maranatha Health Uganda is a Non government Organisation registered in Uganda and overseen by a local board of Directors. The charities are linked by a shared mission.

  • Registered Trading Name of NGO: Maranatha Health
  • ATO approved ancillary fund name: Maranatha Hospitals Aid and Development Fund Australia
  • ABN: 34 290 264 644
  • Registered office address: 2A Bretwalder Ave, Leabrook, South Australia 5068
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0449 965 757
  • Website:

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Maranatha Health Australia

Maranatha Health is a registered charitable organisation and has established an ATO approved tax-deductible ancillary fund named ‘Maranatha Hospitals Aid and Development Fund Australia’. Maranatha Health is incorporated as an association in South Australia and is overseen by our Board of Directors. Funds raised in Australia are transferred via Global Development Group, to Maranatha Health Uganda, to resource the project together with local income.

Our Directors are compassionate individuals committed to working towards a more just and equitable world. They bring a diverse and impressive range of knowledge, qualifications and experience to Maranatha Health Australia.

Our Australian Board members:

/assets/image-cache/Michael-Findlay.407150a5.jpg MICHAEL FINDLAY (Chair)

Michael Findlay has been passionate about medicine and Africa from a very young age. Michael was fortunate that at the end of high school he was accepted into Medicine at the University of Adelaide and upon completion of his degree he went on to specialise as a General Practitioner. Michael has also completed a Masters in Public Health and Tropical Medicine and currently works in the field of Addiction Medicine.

Michael first visited Uganda in early 2003 and made frequent trips back until he and Kim moved there in 2011. Michael enjoyed the challenge presented by the Maranatha Health project, although the suffering of young children was always heart breaking. Michael is proud of the work Maranatha Health has achieved in Uganda and is keen to see what impact it will continue to have into the future. Michael, Kim and family moved back to Adelaide in 2018 but continue to be heavily engaged in all things Maranatha Health.

Beyond Maranatha Health, Michael enjoys sport, reading, politics, and spending time with his family and three young sons.

/assets/image-cache/DSC06181.46bc1959.jpg GARRY HODGE (Treasurer)

Garry was employed in the Banking and Finance sector for 46 years until his retirement in 2016. From 1996 he worked for a major Bank in Wholesale Banking, responsible for managing a unit, as Head of Repo, Australia. As well as building and managing a client base, he also established and maintained relationships with clients and stakeholders both within and outside the Bank. During this period Garry was Chair of the Australian Financial Markets Association Repo Committee for a number of terms.

Garry has had involvement in administration on Church or denominational committees for many years, and, until recently, was Chair of the Diaconate of his local church, as well as serving on a denominational Audit and Risk Committee.

He is keenly interested in the values and activities of Maranatha Health, and has been involved in fundraising and financial support since its inception.  

/assets/image-cache/jeremy_brown.50af5ca8.jpg JEREMY BROWN

Jeremy has a wealth of experience in the community services sector where he has held senior leadership positions and delivered strategy, management and innovative service delivery across a range of leading organisations in South Australia.

With a passion for social justice and community service, he is presently the Chief Operating Officer at ‘Novita’ which is one of South Australia’s largest providers of allied health, technology and community services for people with a disability. His responsibilities include communicating, leading and delivering operational activities, identifying new product and service opportunities and driving growth across the organisation and its subsidiary companies.

Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of South Australia, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Adelaide, and undertook advanced management training at Aarhus University in Denmark.

He is an active member of his local Church with his wife and three children. Jeremy is passionate about the work of Maranatha Health in both Uganda and Australia and considers it a great privilege to contribute as a Board Member.

/assets/image-cache/Hannah-Ferrari.cc951374.jpg HANNAH FERRARI

Hannah has extensive experience in the legal and community services sector having worked in a number of not-for-profit organisations across Australia in legal and management roles. Hannah spent a number of years working with survivors of child abuse and prior to that worked across remote Central Australia providing crisis support services to women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. She currently holds a management role in a community-based organisation that provides services to improve mental health and wellbeing in local communities.

Hannah holds a Bachelor of Laws with a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in politics, from the University of Adelaide.

Hannah strongly supports the work and vision of Maranatha Health and feels privileged to be a part of the Maranatha Board.

/assets/image-cache/Joe%20sml.c507f426.jpg JOE INAUEN

Joe is a junior doctor working at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, with aspirations to undertake Physician Training, meanwhile maintaining engagement with organisations that have a positive impact in the developing world. He has a passion for public health and medicine in the third world, drawing him to seek the opportunity to work at Maranatha Health, Uganda, for a four-week period in 2016. Through personal connection with Christian mission organisations, involvement in student global health groups and visits to several grassroots health development projects in Africa, Joe has developed a desire to see the disparity bridged in access to health care in the developing world.

Joe shares in the vision of Maranatha Health and is honoured to serve the organisation as a member of the Board.

/assets/image-cache/Jackson-Jaensch.50b4afb6.jpg JACKSON JAENSCH

Jackson has a long history with Maranatha Health. He joined the MH fundraising sub-committee back in 2009. During his 3-year term he co-established the MH style guide, co-coordinated several gala dinners, and co-worked on initiatives like Maranatha Month and Maranatha Partners.

Jackson’s background is in marketing, and he has always had a focus on consumer behaviour and the power of brand. His professional working experience has evolved from core marketing functions into the realm of international business development. Currently Jackson works in the international education sector, as Manager: International Business Development at UniSA.

Maranatha Health holds a special place in Jackson’s heart. This stems from his faith in Jesus Christ, and his strong belief in the integrity by which MH runs, the holistic philosophy and approach it takes. Through his role on the board he aims to further strengthen the incredible brand that is Maranatha Health, bringing a strong customer focus, and advising on its initiatives and communications.

/assets/image-cache/Karen-Baker.e5b8eab1.jpg KAREN BAKER

Karen has been providing pro-bono advice and support for Maranatha Health for several years now, around donor-centric fundraising. She is a wonderful addition to the Board and brings much governance experience. 
Karen has 10 years of experience working in fundraising, originally in the arts sector, then at a major Australian university, and currently with one of the largest medical research institutes in NSW. She is passionate about matching individuals who are philanthropically minded to areas of need that gives meaning to their giving. 
Karen sees it as a joy to help Maranatha Health achieve its goals. She strongly believes that in the age we live, it should be a basic right that everyone, everywhere, has access to quality healthcare no matter their situation.

Maranatha Health Uganda

Maranatha Health Uganda is governed by a local Board of Directors and Articles of Association. The Ugandan Board ensures that Maranatha Health Uganda meets Ugandan NGO requirements, and is controlled and owned by representatives from Western Uganda.

MH Uganda Board members

Collectively the Board members have given time, resources, and their expertise to develop and oversee the mission of Maranatha Health Uganda.

Read the latest Year in Review here

Partnership with GDG

Maranatha Health (Maranatha Hospitals Aid and Development Fund) is proud to be a partner for 'J704N Maranatha Capacity Building, Uganda' with Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993), an Australian NGO approved by the Minister for Foreign Affairs (as administered by DFAT) to carry out quality humanitarian projects with approved partners and providing aid to relieve poverty and provide long-term solutions.

Global Development Group takes responsibility of the project according to DFAT rules, providing a governance role and assisting in the areas of planning, monitoring, evaluating and auditing to ensure the projects are carried out to DFAT requirements.

Global Development Group





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