Maranatha Health desires to see justice and improved well being for the people of Uganda across all spheres of life, so that people have the opportunity to live healthy and fulfilled lives.

We believe that every human being possesses inherent dignity and worth. We also believe that all people possess creativity and resources. But poverty often undermines this, stripping people of their self-esteem, obstructing their innate capabilities, and demeaning their dignity. At Maranatha Health, we not only want people to be healed and whole in their pysical beings, we want them to experience freedom, confidence, and fullness in all areas of their lives.

Our response to the health and well being needs in Uganda is motivated by a revolutionary man named Jesus. He fed the hungry, healed the sick, advocated for the oppressed, defended the orphan, stood up to oppressors, and empowered the poor. ‘Maranatha’ means ‘come Jesus’ and through our projects in Western Uganda we seek to emulate his actions and passion for a world characterised by kindness, generosity, wholeness, sufficiency, and social justice. Jesus modelled the kind of world that could exist, and our work in Uganda is our response to this call.

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