Maranatha Health looks to partner with businesses that share our values and vision for a world characterised by healthy, thriving communities. Funds stretch a long way in Uganda, and even small amounts can create significant outcomes. Our work is fully donor-funded and all donations are tax deductible. 

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We are so thankful to the wonderful individuals and companies whose sponsorship helps to make our work a reality. Together we can create new futures for people in Uganda. And together we can create a healthier world. 

If you would like to become a sponsor please email contact@maranathahealth.org




Galpins Accounting, Auditors and Business Consultants provide us with pro bono accounting and audit services.


Dreamin Foundation Inc, a charitable organisation set up by the Rotary Club of Prospect Inc. has provided financial and in-kind support, including ENT consultation and surgery and training of local staff.


Maptek provides us with invaluable printing services.


Insight Global Health Group, a University of Adelaide medical students' organisation, supports Maranatha Health financially and through medical students undertaking placements in Uganda.


Knightsbridge Baptist Church provides financial support and offers their venue for our Supporters' Brunch. A strong core group provide donations, community fundraising and prayer support.


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Para Vista are missionary partners, providing an office free of charge and encouraging members to provide support.


Milchem Project Management Consultants

Milchem Construction generously supports Maranatha Health financially. We greatly appreciate their investment in our work in Uganda


Accounting for International Development

AfID (UK) is an award winning social enterprise providing charities, INGOs and social enterprises with professional accounting & financial management consultants. AfID supports MH Uganda with pro bono support on a long term basis.



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