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‘I no longer spend money in hospital since no one gets sick in my household all the time!’
Lauben | 68, father and grandfather

The above statement sums up our ultimate dream at Maranatha Health. We want to see communities healthy and thriving.

We do this partly by providing high quality health care, counselling and health education that families can turn to when things are tough. Thousands of children come through the doors of our hospital each year.

Where we are seeing long-term, transformational, sustainable change however, is through our Village Health Leaders. We partner with a community to elect a team of locals. This team is equipped to identify barriers to well-being, shift household behaviour, advocate for better services, and assist their communities to become healthier.

In the communities where we have Village Health Leaders, people report less sickness; households have appropriate sanitation; communities have better access to primary healthcare; households use mosquito nets more frequently; and health and nutrition knowledge improves enormously!

Lauben’s local community is supported by Village Health Leader, Fiona.

‘Previously, at least every month a member from my household would get sick, something that took a lot of money for treatment,’ says Lauben. ‘Practices in my family have changed with the help of Fiona - every month she comes to my home to advise us on different health issues and checks our home hygiene’.

This End Of Financial Year, we are inviting you to invest in this transforming work led by Village Health Leaders like Fiona. Help us roll out this program in more communities:

$50 provide a month of support for the Village Health Leader, $100 provides start up capital to begin a Village Health Program in a new area, $500 funds MH staff to travel to remote locations to equip Village Health Leaders, $3000 covers the full 12-month costs of a community-wide village health program

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This is how your donations impacted Maranatha Health's community last financial year:

Our first Uganda doctor recruited and working since May!  Health care services: 9,310 patients. Empowering community educators: 84 educators; 1005 households reached. Scholarships for Ugandan upskilling: 1 more completed; 4 finishing soon. 115 life saving blood transfusions. Comprehensive HIV/AIDS care: 60+ long term patients. Obstetric Ultrasounds conducted for quality diagnosis: 266. Clinic-based counselling sessions for patients with complex needs: 468. Covid response for patients: Meals provided: 363; Transport subsidies: 389. Life saving operations this year: 37. Initial Architectural drawings prepared for MH new site! Clinic based health educations sessions: 75.


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