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From little things big things grow.

It’s been another incredible year for Maranatha Health. Thanks to financial support from Australia, there is positive, lasting change happening in Uganda.

In 2019, MH treated 9,700 patients.

In 2022, we treated 12,340, and ran almost 16,000 lab tests.

Our village health program has expanded.

It started in 2017 with 1 small village and a team of 18 Village Health Advisors.

The program now reaches 22 communities. We’ve trained 382 Village Health Advisors (162 of them in the past year) and empowered more than 5000 households with vital health education.

As we see this encouraging growth, we stand firmly in our passion for empowered communities and high-quality healthcare for those who need it most.

Afiya’s story sums it all up:

One-year-old Afiya was often sick and hadn’t gained weight for six months. Suffering high fevers and convulsions, when her condition worsened, her mother brought her to the MH clinic. Afiya was admitted with malaria and severe malnutrition.

While she was being treated, her mother was taught how to prepare a variety of foods to create a balanced diet and advised to use what was in her meals to boost Afiya’s immunity.

Afiya’s improving health was monitored at her post discharge appointments, with reiterated health and nutrition education. After a period of one month we followed up on them in a home visit, and the child was found looking healthy with weight matching her age.

Afiya’s mother was delighted:

‘Which kind of a hospital is MH? It cares and follows a poor child to the home as their own. Thank you for loving and caring for us; if it wasn’t for your care my child would have died!’

As we look ahead to a new financial year, we invite you to help us further the encouraging growth in outcomes we are seeing in Uganda.

$50 provide a month of support for the Village Health Leader, $100 provides start up capital to begin a Village Health Program in a new area, $500 funds MH staff to travel to remote locations to equip Village Health Leaders, $3000 covers the full 12-month costs of a community-wide village health program

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