The David Walker Memorial Scholarship Fund


You’re invited to be part of building stronger futures for Ugandan
professionals through education.

By investing in the Scholarship Fund you enable Ugandan staff to access vital studies
to advance themselves and the work of Maranatha Health.


About the Fund

The David Walker Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to pay homage to David Maxwell Walker and the significant contribution he made to Maranatha Health. David made a very sizeable donation to this project in its very early days which allowed Maranatha Health to go from being just a dream to a reality. David was tragically killed in a surfing accident in August 2014 at the age of 42. David is survived by his wife Fiona, and children Joseph, Sylvie and Candace.

“David was all about investing in people”. He was a master builder by trade but had a personal passion for building up other people. He had an ability to see and encourage the best in people. The development of this scholarship fund is an opportunity to remember David’s contribution to Maranatha Health and the people he touched, and to perpetuate David’s passion to see people grow and develop. Maranatha Health is very excited about this program, which enables us to invest profoundly in the lives and careers of some of the amazing MH staff that have been a part of our dedicated team for a long time.

Why the Fund is important

Post-graduate and other professional educational opportunities for Ugandans are limited and can be costly to access. The Scholarship Fund will make important professional development available to Maranatha Health staff. The Scholarship Fund will reward our staff for their loyalty and dedication by enabling them to partake in further studies, advancing themselves and their careers. It will also benefit Maranatha Health in 2 ways; by encouraging commitment from staff and giving them an incentive to maintain the standard of excellence for which Maranatha Health is known, and further training our staff in much-needed skills that benefit the organisation. Meet the current scholarship recipients.

Nurse treating patientlab technician

Nurse assesing patientphilip and joshua

How it works

Scholarships will be available to those who have worked with MH for a minimum period of 3 years, and will be awarded on the basis of merit, length of service, and usefulness of the chosen course. MH will negotiate on a case-by-case basis regarding what is included in the scholarship, but could include payment for course fees and associated living costs, such as accommodation, meals and accessories. The employee will then return to Maranatha Health for an equal period of time of the length of the scholarship plus one year.

We are seeking donors to create a pool of funds of 50 million shillings (approx. AUD$25,000) scholarship costs. Donations beyond this amount will be channelled into MH’s ongoing work until the Fund requires additional investment.


How to donate*

ONLINE VIA GIVE NOW: Select 'Give a donation'.

Then notify us of your donation with the reference 'scholarship'


TRANSFER: directly via your internet banking facility:

Account: Maranatha Health            
BSB: 633-000     
Account: 137833422
Reference: Your name plus 'scholarship'

Then email us at with your full name and the postal/email address you would like the receipt sent to.

 * All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Please note that while every effort will be made to ensure donated funds are used for the Scholarship Fund, Maranatha Health reserves the right to use the donation in the area of greatest priority.


Thank you for investing in Uganda's future!


Meet the current recipients

Mbambu Milly

Head nurse Millymilly receiving scholarship

Milly has been working with Maranatha Health since the beginning of 2012. During the hiatus between our programs in Kamwenge and Fort Portal, Milly studied a Diploma in Midwifery. When Maranatha Health restarted in Fort Portal, Milly was selected to be Head of our Nursing Department. She is a committed, dedicated staff member, who displays a huge degree of integrity towards her work.

Despite Maranatha Health having an ultrasound, none of our Ugandan staff have ever been trained to use it. This was an important gap that we wished to fill. Milly was an obvious choice for this due to her loyalty to Maranatha and the hard work and dedication she has displayed. Her training in midwifery has also given her the necessary background to successfully train in obstetric ultrasound.

We are pleased to announce Milly as one of the inaugural recipients of the David Walker Memorial Scholarship and we heartily congratulate her. Milly will begin her Diploma in Ultrasound in January 2018. We would love for you to partner with us financially to see Milly and others advance their skills to the benefit of the organisation and the people of Uganda. 

“I am really grateful to have been with Maranatha Health for all these years. I am grateful for the opportunity to study as this course would not have been affordable for me. I look forward to improving my skills so that I can help the patients of Maranatha.
May God Bless you!”


Saturday Gadson

Saturday, lab techniciansaturday receiving scholarship

Saturday was part of our initial Maranatha Health team in Kamwenge, working as a Laboratory Assistant. Saturday has improved his skills significantly over the years and now manages the lab by himself, when Joshua, our Head of Lab, is away. Saturday was anxious to rejoin Maranatha when we restarted in Fort Portal and he continues to be an asset to the organisation both in terms of his work and also the way he conducts himself.

We are always seeking to offer better and more comprehensive services at Maranatha and by enabling Saturday to study a Diploma in Laboratory Medicine, we are confident that as our lab expands, Saturday will have the skills to embrace new tests as they come along. Saturday has proven himself to be reliable and trustworthy and a deserving recipient of one of the inaugural David Walker Memorial Scholarships.

We would like to congratulate Saturday for this award and encourage him as he goes about his studies. Saturday will be undertaking his studies part time as he continue to work 3 days a week at Maranatha. He will also make himself available during his holidays to provide leave cover for his fellow lab staff. We look forward to watching on as he expands his skills and knowledge base to the benefit of our patients.

“I really appreciate those who have supported my dream to come true. This would not have been easy for me to achieve by myself so I am so grateful for the opportunity and the support. I pledge to work hard to ensure that Maranatha Health moves forward.”


Tusingwire Peter

Peter, security guardpeter receiving scholarship

Peter has served Maranatha Health as a security guard since August 2012. Peter has been a reliable and trustworthy staff member as well as being an active promoter of the good work being done at Maranatha. We currently employ a driver but when he is on leave, there are no other staff capable of driving our vehicle. Peter came to us and suggested that he undertake a driver’s training and basic car maintenance course. We were impressed with this suggestion and the initiative behind it. Peter has now been awarded one of the inaugural David Walker Memorial Scholarships to pursue this short course.

We would like to congratulate Peter on this award and also on his initiative to benefit the organisation. We wish him the best as he completes his course.
















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