Investing in a purpose-built facility


A new, functional facility means our life-changing work can go on into the future

Demand for our services is constantly growing, but we are running out of one crucial ingredient - space! We need to move from our crumbling rental building to a purpose-built facility that can meet the needs of the community into the future. 

Why we need this

Maranatha Health is excellent at what we do. We make a tangible impact. The community loves and appreciates our services, and as a result we keep growing. However, we currently operate from a less-than-ideal rental facility that is bursting at the seams. We have been creative in transforming the crumbling, run-down Ugandan hotel we are renting into a functioning hospital. But after four years of growth its limitations are clear: inadequate plumbing, temperamental wiring, leaky rooves, flooding during the wet season, and just not enough space.

We have completely run out of space: ward space for our patients, consulting space, office space for administration, training and education space, storage space for medicines and files, and even space for toilets. The demand (from the community and our Ugandan staff) for more and better services grows every day, and the time has come to act.

crowded facility 

What we plan to do

Based on four years of thinking, observing, consulting and planning we have decided to purchase land close to our current rental property on which to construct a new, purpose-built facility. This will provide Maranatha Health with a permanent home from which to treat more patients, expand our services, and run our life-giving community programs. 

To make this become a reality, we need to raise A$750,000

We are well on our way to that goal, and we hope that $250,000 will be raised through the sale of the land and buildings in Kamwenge* owned by Maranatha Uganda. We have created a separate giving platform and account for this project, to keep it independent of our ongoing fundraising efforts.

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We are so excited to grow and expand our life-changing services into the future. Please partner with us to make this a reality!


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*Long-term donors will remember our challenges in Kamwenge when a factory was illegally constructed next to our facility and forced us to close and abandon that site. We fully acknowledge that there is always a risk when investing in infrastructure, especially in the developing world. However, we have thought long and hard about the need for this new facility. We are 100% certain we are doing everything in our power legally to ensure what we build is safeguarded. We have a high degree of confidence in the current context, our local government partnerships and other stakeholders, which will ensure good protection for MH into the future. We always welcome your feedback so please be in touch


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