Strong, resilient health systems lead to empowered, healthy and resilient communities.


Maranatha Health provides excellent quality healthcare; it’s what we’re known for. But it isn’t enough for us to do this well – we want all health facilities in Uganda to excel. Our system strenghtening approach is all about investing in people and building on their strengths to bring about long-term, sustained change.

Why we do this

Working in communities and running clinics since 2011, we have observed many challenges in the Ugandan health system, in health care delivery, and in health behaviour in communities. Many organisations try to solve these problems. And yet very few, if any, seem to find solutions that go to the heart of the issues; even less are effective at positively changing the outcome for communities on a long-term basis. Because of this, we have grown incredibly passionate about making health care in Uganda effective. By investing in people, their skills and their communities we hope to bring about better health and wellbeing for Western Ugandans.

How we do this

Maranatha Health is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for other Ugandan health clinics and their patients. Our centre in Fort Portal, Kabarole District, not only offers best-practice pediatric care, but also serves as a base for our innovative Capacity Building project. This project aims to address some of the underlying challenges in the wider health system, by enabling healthcare providers to deliver a much more effective, compassionate and sustainable service to their community. Working one-on-one with other nonprofit clinics and donor groups, we share knowledge, skills, organisational systems, values and our unique workplace culture to bring about more effective, compassionate and sustainable healthcare delivery. Our team uses creativity, community collaboration and rigorous testing to ensure that what we do really works. Our first partner clinic saw a 300% increase in patient attendance as a result of the changes we helped them make. We are now working with a new partner, and very excited to see what we will learn and what positive change will occur.



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