Everyone deserves to be well. The absence of sickness is not enough – we want people to thrive. Maranatha Health is working to create strong, healthy and enabled communities in Africa in which everyone matters and everyone’s voice is heard.

At Maranatha Health we value the whole person and our work is based on building genuine connections with people and their communities. We understand that every community is different. We understand that every community is evolving and requires unique approaches. We seek to promote change at individual, communal, district and institutional levels to improve the quality of life of people in poor communities.

We support the use of a broad series of initiatives to tackle the underlying causes of ill health and the injustice of under-resourced health systems. These initiatives are delivered through the Maranatha Health Uganda Centre in Fort Portal, Kabarole District, by over 40 Ugandan staff members. The centre specialises in paediatric care and serves as a base for innovative capacity building work and community health programs.

The activities we suppoer are based on three core pillars:

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