320 Ugandan children die each day from malaria. Healthy children equal a healthy future.


The health statistics for kids in Uganda are devastating. Children make up over 50% of the population and are a highly vulnerable group, yet so much of what harms them can be both easily prevented and treated.

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Why we do this

Health care standards in Uganda are low, leaving those in poverty with limited options for treatment and little hope of positive health outcomes. At Maranatha Health we believe that all people, regardless of where they live or the colour of their skin, deserve to be healthy and well. And access to high quality, affordable, compassionate healthcare is a key part of making that vision a reality.

How we do this

We run the Maranatha Children's Clinic in Fort Portal, Kabarole District. This 35-bed facility provides comprehensive and life-saving treatments that are otherwise inaccessible to many children in Western Uganda. We offer in and outpatient care, antenatal care, immunisation and HIV clinics, along with laboratory facilities, an operating theatre and a pharmacy. Our 37+ staff team cares for about 1000 patients a month, and the most common conditions we treat in children are malaria, diarrhoea, respiratory infections, burns and trauma.

We work hard to earn the trust of the local population, as this is key to delivering our life-saving services. Many clinics deliver low quality services at a very high price, so it is essential for us to show people that we deliver high quality care at a low cost. We provide a consistently high standard of care and our services are very well received by the commnity. We receive a lot of positive feedback from patients and their families about the quality of our care.

Our experiences operating health clinics in Uganda have taught us that, while meeting the direct healthcare needs of communities is very important, the kind of long-term change we wish to achieve comes from improving the broader health system and engaging with the systemic factors leading to poor health. For this reason, our medical services have a significant focus on building the capacity of our staff, who have often had inadequate training. We have a Staff Scholarship Program to enable our long-term staff to access vital professional development. We also act as a training facility, providing a model for excellence in quality of care, health protocols and management systems. We aim to be a centre of excellence in the region and our goal is to become a Paediatric Referral Centre.

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