Why Capacity Building?

Our capacity building work is steadily progressing, with some challenges but also some very exciting outcomes for clinics. Watch this video to find out more about why our capacity building initiative is so important.

Paul's Story

Clinical Officer at Hope Again

I'm a clinical officer at Hope Again Clinic. I have just been in the field for one year and am learning many things.

I'm very excited about working with Maranatha Health because they have a lot of things new things to teach that will help me in my further practice as a clinical officer. What I like best is that we have learnt from them a lot of administrative skills, a lot of clinical skills, and how well the health centre can be organised and how to set up systems that make us care well for the patients and the staff in the health unit.


Goretti's Story

Midwife at Hope Again

I think the partnership between Maranatha and Hope Again medical centre is going do us great things, like the number of clients is going to increase because they're helping us in changing the set up of the clinic to make it more organised. This will help us in handling new patients. I think it will also help us improve our staffing - recruiting more experienced staff, reducing workloads, improving financial management, increasing skills - and this will help us improve our medical care. I look forward to being able to focus on the mothers and the babies since the workload in other areas will be reduced. We like the chance for nurses and clincial officers and midwives to switch with Maranatha staff, so the ones from Maranatha come here and teach us what they do at Maranatha, and then Hope Again staff will switch and go to Maranatha and they learn what the Maranatha team does there.

The number one thing that I want to see in this clinic change after partnering with Maranatha is the increase of clients, for example all our beds in the female ward, the male ward and the children's ward - those beds should all be full. In maternity I wish to see us receiving more mothers for antenatal care and for delivery.

I have no concerns to work with Maranatha, I'm only hoping for achievements and what is going to be great!


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