Safe drinking water

Completed early 2015

Who does it help?

Patients and staff at the Marantha Children's Clinic in Fort Portal

How does it help?

While Maranatha Health has rainwater tanks and some town water, we don’t have running water in most of our clinic. Ensuring a reliable source of safe drinking water has been a significant challenge and so we put out a call for donations towards a water filter. Earlier this year we received enough donations and a fantastic new water filter has been installed. Our staff are delighted (as the pictures below show!) and it has made a huge difference to our daily life at the MH Clinic – no more boiling water for us!! Thanks so much to all who contributed.


Staff enjoying freshly filtered water

Staff enjoying freshly filtered water

Solar panels

Completed late 2017

Who does it help?

Everyone at the Marantha Centre in Fort Portal

How does it help?

Electricity in Uganda is unreliable. In recent years we frequently had to run our generator for 2-3 days at a time, wasting precious finances on fuel (not to mention the environmental impact!). MH's existing solar system was stretched to its limit and we desperately needed to upgrade it with extra batteries and panels to ensure essential equipment in the clinic remained viable, and to keep the MH centre running cleanly, cheaply and consistently. After many attempts over 6 years, and the generous contributions of many, MH Uganda is run completely from solar power: fridges, lab equipment, oxygen concentrators, computers - everything! This is cause for much celebration, and means we don't need to spend large sums of money buying fuel for a very noisy, dirty generator. A big thanks to Bob, the American missionary/expat/handy-man extraordinaire who installed the solar, and fixed a bunch of our other maintenance/equipment issues at the same time.


solar panel installation


A place to play

Completed early 2016

Who does it help?

Children who come to the Marantha Children's Clinic in Fort Portal

How does it help?

As children get better, they want to play! Considering we are a paediatric clinic, we think it is pretty important that we give children a safe playground space that they can enjoy while waiting to see clinicians in our outpatients facility, for siblings of sick children, and for those on the ward as they improve and become more active. The children from our Daycare centre (for the children of staff)  also gladly make use of the area. Playgrounds are not common in Uganda, so this is quite a treat! Thanks so much to those who contributed.


The freshly painted playground ready for happy children

kids on playground



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