Put the 'fun' into Fundraising, for Maranatha Health!

Gather your friends together for a night of education and entertainment.


Host A Maranatha Movie Night!


For a relaxing, entertaining (even educational) way to raise awareness and funds, why not organise a movie event! Invite your friends over or get your whole church or organisation involved!

We’d love to make your planning easy. Please feel free to use the following materials and ideas, or create your own:

  • Host a Maranatha Movie Night Planner (.docx format) here
  • Host a Maranatha Movie Night Planner (.pdf format) here
  • Movie Night Poster (.docx format) here
  • Movie Night Poster (.pdf format) here
  • Movie Night Event Invitations (.pdf format - there is a .docx version included in your Planner) here
  • Movie Night Facebook Event Image here
  • Movie Night Email Header here

STEP 1: Plan your fundraiser

STEP 2: Contact us to register your fundraiser or call 0449 965 757

If it is a public event we can promote it on our Facebook page. Just provide the title of the fundraiser, some information and a picture, as well as contact details or a way for people to act to support your fundraiser.

STEP 3: Receive your registration pack

The registration pack will help you collect donations. We can provide a Maranatha Health money box, or access to an online fundraising portal. We will also provide brochures and flyers and other media you might need to help you get the Maranatha Health name out there as part of your fundraiser.

STEP 4: Run your fundraiser and let us know how it goes!

Take photos and send them to us, and email us feedback on your event. There might even be a new opportunity for next year that we could help or get on board with.

If you're an instagrammer or tweeter, get your event onto social media:

#maranathahealth    #maranathamovienight

For any further information please contact us!

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