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It all started with a conversation between Michael Findlay and Richard Sykes at SCF Containers. With much discussion, hard work, ingenuity and patience, the Operating Theatre in a Shipping Container was created. And now, many years, many delays and a lot of frustration and uncertainty later, the theatre is finally operational!

After some last minute power concerns, a surgical team led by Adelaide doctor, Dr Suren Krishnan, have been conducting the first surgeries in the theatre over the last week. We are delighted to be able to offer some simple yet life-changing procedures to the children of the Kabarole community, where things like cleft palates often remain untreated. Dr Krishnan also spent time training MH staff in surgical procedures, and we hope to develop a regular roster of specialists from Australia continuing this training and providing more opportunities for children to access needed sugreries.

Thanks to the persistence of everyone involved, including some significant financial generosity by a few supporters, and the generous contribution of time and expertise by Dr Suren Krishnan and his team, this long-held dream has finally become a reality.


Theatre containter outsidePre-op examination

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