students' bake sale

The children from Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School spent Term 2 this year raising money to sponsor a nurse at the Maranatha Health clinic in Uganda. The goal was to raise enough money to pay a nurse’s wage for 2 months, a total of $384 (AUD).

To help set the scene, a ‘Maranatha Clinic’ was set up in the library, and students could look after sick toys, practice putting on bandages, and learn about the importance of simple health messages in saving lives.

The children really got on board with this endeavour: some took on extra jobs at home to raise money; students in Stage 3 held a bake sale; Stage 2 students organised their own casual clothes day; plus individuals brought their own pocket money to donate in Chapel each week. The excitement was contagious, and parents, grandparents and even visitors who heard about the goal and the work of MH generously added to the total.

“We’ve been excited because this term we have been raising money for Maranatha Health. At lunch times we could play at the Maranatha Clinic in the library and make the toys better. This was fun. When Liesl came we learned that one coin means a lot to the people of Uganda and that kids need help when they are sick. In the end we raised enough money to pay 42 weeks wages of a nurse. That’s a big number! We feel good that we have been able to help Maranatha Health.”
- From Marley and Amelia in Stage 2.

Well, as Marley and Amelia said, the school community far exceeded their goal and raised enough to pay a nurse’s wage for 6 months! What an effort, and what a joy to have helped connect the students to the reality of life for kids in Uganda. An enormous and heart felt thank you to the whole GSLS community for their support and enthusiasm. 

In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus,
that He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’.  Acts 20:35

Chapel offering tallyPlay clinic

The tally board and the play Maranatha Clinic


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