The sun shone through the gum leaves, bathing the party-goers with warm, dappled light. African-fabric bunting flapped in the breeze while waitresses offered platters of tasty treats. The coffee machine whirred and the jazz band's smooth sounds embraced the 75-strong gathering.

Such was the ambiance of the Maranatha Health Spring Party on Saturday September 6th. We gathered to officially launch the next phase of Maranatha Health's work to heal, empower and develop communities in Western Uganda – the capacity building project that we hope will see health impacts spread across the region. Kim and Michael Findlay filled us in on some of the details and inspired us about the journey ahead – 'watch this space'.

We also gathered to say a mighty thank you to all of our supporters who have stood by us through the difficulties of the last 18 months. And to particularly thank and honour a number of key volunteers, including Wayne Starick (previous web designer), David Findlay (outgoing Board Chair), Gaynor Johnson and Grant Carr (outgoing Board members), and Wendy Hampel and Sandra Findlay (admin and finance). We also welcomed new Board Chair Bronwyn Holliday, who shared her hopes for the future of MH Australia.

Huge thanks also to Jackson Jaensch for coordinating the event, Ann and David Eastick for providing the coffee machine (and also to your helpers), Josh Boyce for liaising with the venue, Jo Close for making the bunting, Helene Jaensch for the floral arrangements, all of the waitresses/waiters, and all the people who made the delicious platters of food!

We hope to see you at our next event. And remember, you can run your own MH fundraising/awareness raising event – just email us ( and we'll get you everything you need.

Liesl Shipard
Australian Project Coordinator

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