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The Maranatha Health Children’s Clinic opened in Fort Portal on the 7th of April. We did not open to big fanfare this time as we wanted to ease back into our activities. While this has meant that our patient numbers are building slowly, we preferred this option as it has given us time to complete our set up and establish a positive staff culture again. We plan to have a large celebration when our new theatre arrives from Australia.

Having said all that, we have already registered over 70 new patients at the clinic. Most of our patients have come from the immediate surrounding area, which is about 5kms from the centre of Fort Portal town. Recommendations here are made by word of mouth and are very important – earning the trust of the population is key to being able to deliver the life-saving services that we have been established to deliver. Many clinics here deliver low quality services at a very high price so one of the early priorities for us is to show people that we deliver high quality care at a low cost. The feedback we have received from patients so far has been brilliant. They have all been impressed with the care received and surprised at the cost, especially in relation to the existing clinics. There is a large government hospital in Fort Portal town, which is nominally free. However, the place is overburdened, understaffed, poorly equipped and often patients are required to send a family member or friend to go and purchase medications and other consumables that are required for their treatment. This is often the first choice place of care for the poor. Our hope is that we can encourage these people especially to come and access our services.

We have already treated some very sick children and been able to send them away well, much to the relief of their parents. Click here for some of their stories.

We are also able to work alongside 25 talented and friendly Ugandans (click here for new staff stories), who are dedicated to serving their people and also expanding their skills by which to do so. They are eager to learn and we are keen to teach them whatever we can. We would appreciate your support with this skill building and shall be providing more information on opportunities to assist with this.

We want to thank you again for your support of Marantha Health. It is your generous contributions that enables this work to occur. Thanks again and happy Maranatha Month!

- Michael Findlay


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