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Maranatha Health is passionate about creating long term effective and impacting solutions to combat the challenges faced by the poor in Uganda. We are passionate about making sure we listen to and learn from the communities that we are trying to help. And more than anything, we want our new capacity building program to ensure that the poor of Uganda live healthier, happier lives.

In 10 years of travel and experience in health care in Uganda, and a few years running a clinic and working in communities, we were able to learn a lot about health service delivery in Uganda, and observe a lot of challenges in the areas of health care delivery and health behaviour in communities. We observed many organisations and donor groups giving their money and resources to set up clinics and programs to try to solve these problems. Yet very few, if any, seemed to find solutions that went to the heart of the issues and positively changed the outcome for communities on a long term basis. After witnessing this we have grown more passionate about making health-based aid more effective. Furthermore, we noticed that the quality of our health service – outcomes for patients, skills of the staff, and even our systems and protocols – seemed to be much higher than the clinics around us. That is why, this time around, we are choosing to focus on building the capacity of other clinics to offer better quality health care.

We are excited to share that we are partnering with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) to make sure that all of those things happen! TACSI uses a unique design tool called ‘co-design’ to research, design and solve complex social problems. Co-design blends the disciplines of sociology, business and design to create programs in collaboration with the beneficiary community, rigorously testing assumptions and ideas along the way. TACSI really are leaders in the area of innovation, and we are excited to have them working alongside us. There will be plenty of learning involved for Maranatha Health, and we look forward to sharing more of the details as we progress. Currently we are spending much of our time researching and conversing with stakeholders, to confirm and add to our knowledge of the challenges that clinics in Uganda face. As we do this, we are creating a more detailed map of the way forward, to ensure solutions that work. Stay tuned!

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