Give a Gift of Life this Christmas


This Christmas Maranatha Health is sharing Gifts of Life with our Ugandan community. We invite you to donate and receive MH Christmas Gift Cards to share with friends and family - and give a Gift of Life that lasts long into the future. 

Your gift of a tax-deductible donation to Maranatha Health can provide life-saving medical care, increase community understanding to prevent ill-health, and help build a more accessible and just health care system
that will bring lasting change to people’s lives.

Follow these simple steps and together let's make this truly a season to celebrate!



Simply choose from our Gifts of Life Cards below to decide which gifts you would like to give on behalf of your friends and family this Christmas season.

Smiling children with caption 'Infinite Love'

Love $25

Your donation of $25 can share love with a family struggling with children who are malnourished, through treatment, support and education

Metallic star with caption 'Endless Joy'

Joy $25

Your donation of $25 can help spread joy this Christmas through life-giving treatment for a child who is admitted with malaria at the Maranatha Health children’s hospital

Jar of lights and pine cones with caption 'Light of life'

Light $25

Your donation of $25 can spread light and awareness, by empowering communities to have important conversations about maternal and child health, to ensure families are prioritising health care and planning for the future.

Sparker with caption 'Sharing hope'

Hope $50

Your donation of $50 can assist in training a village health educator, to bring hope to an entire community and allow households to make good decisions around their health so they can thrive

Smiling woman with caption 'A gift of empowerment'

Empowerment $50

Your donation of $50 can be invested in creating a more just health system, through the ongoing training of clinical workers at Maranatha Health

Wood cutout of dove with caption 'Bringing peace'

Peace $50

Your donation of $50 can assist us in walking alongside of people in the Kabarole community who are diagnosed with HIV, allowing patients to access treatment, counselling and peace of mind


Complete the form below. Once you've submitted your order you'll be taken to our donate page to make a donation to the same value.

Please enter the quantity of each card type you would like to order below.

Total cost of cards requested (your total donation): $



When you submit your choices you'll be forwarded to our donation page to complete your tax-deductible donation to Maranatha Health, to the same value as your order. Please be aware the cards are only available in Australia.



Once we have received your donation, we will send your Christmas ‘Gift of Life’ Cards to you in the post. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your cards.


Thank you

May your festive season be filled with delight as you share Hope, Justice, Love and Light with those around you!



*Please note that MH reserves the right to use donated funds for the areas of highest priority, and does not guarantees that your money will be used for one of these items. Furthermore, tax-deductible donations cannot be tied to a specific outcome/item of expenditure. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us.


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