How Maranatha Health are responding to Covid-19

The situation in Uganda is changing rapidly (as it is around the world), so we will keep you updated as events progress.

Currently, we continue to hope and pray that Covid-19 will not spread through Africa like wildfire, as it has in Europe and now the USA. In Uganda, cases seem to be low (less than 100). However, testing is sparse and as many have pointed out, social distancing is a luxury the poor cannot often afford or implement, while health systems are already overburdened without the effects of Covid-19.

Museveni, the President of Uganda, has introduced extreme lock down measures including banning most forms of public and private transport, which in the coming weeks will have a significant impact on people's access to health care (as well as food security!). We are waiting and preparing ourselves for multiple scenarios and looking at different models of care. We have suspended all non-essential programs and services, but will continue to provide the life-saving, essential health care that our community have come to trust and depend on.

We currently have 5 oxygen machines (that can service 10 people) but no ventilators, which are out-of-reach in a resource poor setting like ours. Our primary concern currently is to ensure our staff are protected as best we can with protective gear, and have instituted very vigilant cleaning, as well as screening at the gates of the hospital before entry.

Our management team has been hard at work planning for different scenarios, what may unfold, and our response. If you would like to give to assist our work at this crucial time, visit

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