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Hi everyone, as usual there's a lot happening at MH in Uganda and here are some of the highlights:

The clinic is steadily getting busier and busier. Last week we had over 50 patients every day! Trying to learn how to manage that number has been challenging. One of our big challenges currently is that we are receiving many poorer patients (which is our aim) but also attracting a sizable middle class. We are trying to learn how to best balance this, so that the middle class patients can subsidise our services for even more poorer families. 
Capacity building
Over the last few months we have been meeting with  other clinics to learn about the issues they face. Many of our ideas have been confirmed, clinics are interested in working with us, and we can see a lot of potential. We have just signed a partnership with an enthusiastic clinic in a neighbouring district. We’re going to work alongside this clinic to improve its services and capacity. This will be out prototype clinic to test some of our ideas and see how we can best work with other clinics to help them serve their communities. This is an exciting new venture for Maranatha Health and we look forward to telling you more about it as we progress.
We are incredibly blessed with our staff team and as usual they are working well together. MH is feeling much like a family again, which is excellent and just what we had hoped for. Our new staff members are fitting in well too, and we have recently welcomed Dr Rob from the UK to our team for the next 12 months, which we are thrilled about.

Dr Rob

Management Team
We have just established an official management team at MH Uganda, which will meet every fortnight to discuss and decide on important issues. It includes Maureen (Administrator), Terri (Project Coordinator), Milly (Senior Nurse), Joshua (Lab Tech and in charge of lab and pharmacy) and Kim and Michael. We are looking forward to working with this great group of people.

Thank you for all your support, prayers, gifts and ideas. We couldn't do any of this without your amazing commitment to the mission of Maranatha Health.

- Kim & Michael Findlay

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