In 2011, Maranatha Health began its operations in Kamwenge district, an incredibly under-serviced region of Uganda. The community embraced us and became a part of the MH story. Two years later, circumstances required us to move to a neighbouring district, where we are now.

This Christmas we are giving once again to the place where it all started.

We are partnering with a new health clinic being established in Kamwenge. This is an opportunity for MH to do our core work of EMPOWERING - building the capacity of the broader Ugandan healthcare system by offering equipment, training and staff time.

We want to get this clinic off to a great start to ensure more families have access to quality health care. Our aim is to raise $20,000 by January.

This Christmas, give the gift of empowerment to our colleagues at the Kamwenge health clinic:

$100 helps transport MH staff to Kamwenge
$200 provides pulse oximeters for the clinic
$500 covers MH staff training their Kamwenge colleagues
$2000 can invest in the clinic's first oxygen concentrator
$5000 can cover the set-up of their laboratory equipment

Visit to celebrate Christmas with MH, through a gift to Kamwenge!


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