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We are inviting you to give before the end of the financial year, to help ensure Ugandans get the life-saving care they need.

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What strange and unprecedented times we are in. This is certainly not business-as-usual.

Maranatha Health's dream is that every child in our region of Uganda has access to high quality compassionate health care, and that every individual is empowered to make healthy choices so their household can thrive.

But as Covid-19 spreads around the globe, Ugandans are in a severe state of lockdown, with police and army imposing measures with force. This is having an incredible impact on people's access to health services. As we speak, households all around our region are finding it difficult to leave their home to seek care.

While the Ugandan government is focusing almost exclusively on Covid-19 responsiveness, MH will fight to ensure thousands of children get the essential, life saving care they need.

We all know that the challenges of a global pandemic and economic recession will fall unfavorably on the poor: the people that we serve day in, day out. Now more than ever, our community in Uganda is counting on all of us, and for this reason we invite you to give a donation this end of financial year.

Photo of child with pneumoniaA gift of $50 will invest in the treatment of a vulnerable child with pneumonia


Photo of bed in the MH paediatric wardA gift of $100 will sponsor a bed in the MH paediatric ward for 1 week, to enable children to get the kind of quality care they deserve.


Photo of transport servicesA gift of $500 will support MH to implement the innovative transport and referral solutions we have created for this crisis, to remove barriers to patients accessing our life-saving services during the lock down.


Photo of Maranatha Health community teamA gift of $1,000 will contribute towards the salaries of our community team, so they can ensure vulnerable patients and households get the support they need during this pandemic


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This is how your donations impacted Maranatha Health's community last financial year:

Maranatha Heath Impact 2018/19 info graphic


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